> whoami

Software Engineer
Full-Stack Developer
Latte Artist

> Academics

Completed my Bachelor's Degree (8 semesters) in Computer Science & Engineering in 2019.
Did a Research Internship in Natural Language Processing under Dr. Dipti Misra (Head LTRC) in 2018.
13 excellent certifications in machine learning and software development from freecodecamp.org, Stanford and Google Cloud.

> Work

Previously, worked at
Currently, working as a freelance developer.
Next, I aspire to work as a Full Stack Developer.

> Projects

Failed to fetch from Github API. Please visit github.com/dipunj.

> Stats

> Some Numbers

Scored a perfect 30/30 in speaking section of TOEFL iBT.
Ranked 3342 in 2015.
*1RM Squat 130Kg.
*1RM Deadlift 150Kg.
* lifetime max. Could be more or less today.

> Authorship

I write on various topics, but mostly it's just some deep observations of things around me. Topics mostly include wisdom, economics, history, math, statistics and more :

> Contact

FPR: C957 5C0A B368 5F20 B67F 5E3D F0A2 4FDB AC0C FDA9
* Please do not call me unless it's an emergency.
I prefer to be contacted asynchronously (emails / text).