> whoami

Software Engineer
Full-Stack Developer
Latte Artist

> Academics

Completed my Bachelor's Degree (8 semesters) in Computer Science & Engineering in 2019.
Did a Research Internship in Natural Language Processing under Dr. Dipti Misra (Head LTRC) in 2018.
13 excellent certifications in machine learning and software development from freecodecamp.org, Stanford and Google Cloud.

> Work

Previously, worked at
Then, briefly worked as a freelance developer.
Currently, working as a full stack developer.
In future, I would like to solve problems relating to real world problems in physics and engineering using data and computer science.

My interests broadly lie in computer intelligence especially computer vision and robotics.

> Projects

Failed to fetch from Github API. Please visit github.com/dipunj.

> Stats

> Some Numbers

Scored a perfect 30/30 in speaking section of TOEFL iBT.
Ranked 3342 in 2015.
*1RM Squat 130Kg.
*1RM Deadlift 150Kg.
* lifetime max. Could be more or less today.

> Authorship

I write on various topics, but mostly it's just some deep observations of things around me. Topics mostly include wisdom, economics, history, math, statistics and more :

> Contact

FPR: C957 5C0A B368 5F20 B67F 5E3D F0A2 4FDB AC0C FDA9
* I prefer to be contacted asynchronously (emails / text).